Making Eden

Tailoring gardens to suit your budget

Landscaping Packages

diamond pattern paving path new turf, marble chip and plants all irrigated

At Making Eden we can tailor landscaping packages to suit your needs and budget. You can save yourself money by grouping tasks together and getting them done at the one time in the one package price. We are happy to work with you through your designing process, discussing and sorting out your ideas, giving friendly and helpful advice through to the completion of the job.   

Whether you have a new house and need everything done from scratch, have an old tired over run yard that need pulling up and restarting or just need some updating to your existing garden. We can help.

  • A complete package we did, large area of artificial turf, new paved areas and raised block garden beds
  • New Kesington style sleeper retaining wall, paved area with strip drains and kikuyu turf done at Hallet Cove
  • Kensington Gardens War Memorial, we had the privilege of working on this job - lest we forget
  • New pavers laid, raised garden bed and turfed area
  • An angle of a completed package we did
  • A lovely old style red brick path through the middle of new turf to the front door
  • Another angle of landscaping done at the front of P1 Glenelg
  • interested timber sleeper path design
  • A nice paved path through new turf area surrounded by garden beds
    New instant turf, brick edging, paved path, marble chip and new plants
  • Landscaping the front of P1 business at Glenelg
  • Cove style concrete sleeper retaining wall
  • A great before and after getting a house ready for sale
  • Another Angle of a complete package we done
  • Another angle of a verge we landscaped
  • Large area turfing and small garden beds
  • Turfing and paving around a swimming pool
  • Garden bed tidy up and remoselling
  • A simple fix to a yard which made a big difference to get it ready for sale
  • A front verge getting a royal treatment with paved edges, garden beds and new turf
  • A very simple yet effective makeover to a rear yard
  • A complete package involving turfing with irrigation, new garden beds and a new retaining wall using cove sleepers
  • A full service job involving artificial turf, block wall raised garden beds and new paved areas
  • A simple turfing job making a big difference to a yard
  • A nice garden make over involving moss rock walls, planting, irrigation and mulching
  • A larger style project invoving garden beds and turfing with irrigation, paved areas done with recycled pavers, good neighbor fencing and pool fencing